Expat registered as electrician offering work as general builder

Am I okay using a workman who is registered here as an electrician for general building work or does he need to have the Decennial insurance as well as public liability and do I need to have the insurances attached to the Devis when he hands it to me in order for it to be legal? Or can I just use him and it’s okay?

What insurance is required, is determined by the nature of the job itself. If it’s “gros oeuvre”, which is basically structural work or major installations, then the person doing that job needs to have decennale insurance to cover the work he does. It’s unlikely that an electrician would have insurance that covers his building work but if somehow he has managed to get such insurance, then all’s well.

The devis must have his insurance details written on it and he has to give you a copy of his policy.

All the info is here https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F2034 - it explains what types of work need decennale, what details have to be on the devis, etc.

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The famous SIRET number only delcares a tradesperson’s main activity. Their insurance, however, should state all the activities that they have insurance cover for (i.e. you can have non-principal activities covered alongside your main one). If the insurance policy doesn’t list a trade then they are not insured for that trade, it’s that simple.

As an example I obtained a very resonable price for my professional insurance (electrcian) as I had evidence of experience & being insured for that trade for many years in the UK (claim free as well!). However, when I suggested that I might like cover for 5% of my work being plumbing I was advised against it as I had no provable experience or qualifications in that field i.e. it was going to be a very expensive add-on. I’m guessing this restriction might apply to your electrician’s situation as well.

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