Expats moving back to UK

What about expats who move back to the UK?

For example, if someone has been resident in France for a long time, how do you cope with moving back?

I've been here for 29 years, but am now looking long-term and realise that it may become necessary for me to go back to the UK.

How do banks in the UK react to a returning expat? What's it like getting a mortgage as a first time buyer in the UK? Health coverage when one's spent most of one's working life overseas, etc?


Hi Jacquie, to get a mortgage you will need a credit rating and to pass their referencing tests. Have a look on Experian or Equifax as they are the main ones used by banks I believe. Being on an electoral roll helps with your credit rating so get on there as soon as you go back. There are some good mortgage deals for first time buyers in the UK as long as you have a good deposit and enough income to cover the repayments and suitable allowance for living/bills.

Healthcare is I believe simply a matter of giving a UK permanent address and then you are registered with your local Dr and Primary Healthcare Trust and given a NHS No.

Hi, we are currently looking for( first timers) an Expat mortgage repayment plan. I wonder if you can recommend a couple of reliable companies / brokers? What to look out for? To my understand UK banks don’t do this type of mortgage anymore.

Mei Yee Lam… I am not sure I understand what you are looking for…

Are you going to live in the UK?

Will you be wanting a mortgage in the UK?

we looking to have an address in UK for various reasons. Banks in UK seemed to have stopped doing any Expat mortgages. so I wonder if anyone has used other companies for this purpose?

If there is no-one on the forum… there is lots of info on Google…