Expectations and surprises, looks

Talking to a person I vaguely know, she mentioned she’d had a fair bit of work done as a child, ears pinned back, patch to correct squint, brace to bring jaw forward and sort out teeth. She looks perfectly normal, great even.
So far no big deal, but then I thought uh-oh what happens when this person pops out a baby who looks just like her before any tweaking, ie a squinting chinless wingnut - bit of a shock to the system don’t you think? Not to mention having to deal with tactful remarks like who on earth does that baby take after?
Of course I was far too tactful myself to share my musings with the person concerned so I thought I’d raise it here instead, v discreet. ( flippancy warning re last remark: I do know I am completely tactless abrasive etc etc)


Happened in China, Véro, woman had so much plastic surgery to look wonderful, got hitched to a very rich chinese businessman who promtly divorced her and took her to court when their child was born (ugly as sin)

Maybe it took after him… ugh. Où va le monde, mon bon monsieur.

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Your post has just officially made me day. Cheerrs me dear!


droit au mur, Véro, droit au mur :open_mouth:

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We squinters have always been objects of ridicule. Still, it would be far worse if I was also an Audi driver from dept 47. :sunglasses: