Experience of Scrivener Software anyone?

Although I moved to Herault with the intention of writing, painting and generally 'creating', it hasn't exactly worked according to plan as the first two years seem to have been spent 'doing jobs'.

However I think have now reached the point where I have the time to allow my creative juices to flow. I'm a great fan of mind-mapping and my approach to writing articles and presentations is quite chaotic- flitting from one subject area to another. I've just come across Scrivener which looks as though to would suit my undisciplined approach to writing. I would welcome any comments from you guys on your experience of it and whether it is worth me pressing the 'download now' button...

Many thanks


Many thanks Catharine- I'll give it a go then.....Kind regards Brian

Thanks Jim for your very helpful advice. I have been on the lookout for a new Mind Mapping package so I'll certainly try PB....Kind regards Brian

Hi Brian,

I have been using Scrivener in its Windows guise for over a year. I had been a keen trialer of writing software, actually purchasing a number of packages which seemed to fit the bill in the moment. I could recommend Power Writer/Power Structure package if it were simply a novel. Liquid Story Binder is a very cheap package which you can tailor to your own preferences. However, pound for pound, I reckon Scrivener to be the standout package for any kind of writing project.

You can use it straight out of the box without fear of mishap, and learn what it has to offer as you write. I average 3,000 words a day and, after a year, I am still discovering something new and exciting in its box of tricks.

Its great strength is in its ability to bring order and logic out of the chaos of written scraps and pieces I accumulate; and in its ability to provide writing space at any point along a story arc.

I note that you are a mind mapper. Have you tried Personal Brain? There is a wonderful free version, although I have used the paid pro version for over three years. It is a spectacular research and note-taking software which links all your material in a logical but not linear way, highlighting the unseen links in your research. I mention it as I use PB to research and outline my work in a mind map format and then do the actual writing in Scrivener. I'm sorry if this feels like salesman's blurb, but you did ask and I really feel compelled to sell a product which I have found to be invaluable.

Good luck, and if you have any questions, please be in touch.



Hi Brian

I use it and love it. It is also totally idiot proof (which works for me...)