Expired Caravan Towing Licence?

Hi there, we've just noticed the caravan towing part of our french driving license (catagory E B) expired in 2013! Cat A the normal driving part is fine. Having trawled around the website vosdroits-service, for some while, I can't find how to renew or update just the caravan bit. It doesn't look to me that categories are even the same now. So I'm not sure which covers the towing of a small caravan. I've seen mentioned a trailer, but not a caravan? Confused - that's me!! Also I'm pretty sure there will be a medical involved somewhere, but again I can't discover any particular instruction, such as who does it, our own doctor or an other. Does anyone out there have any idea specifically where I can find this info. Many thanks.

Many thanks for that Melissa

I have just done of trawling the internet and found this: "On 19 January 2013, a single model of driving licences was implemented throughout the EU, with harmonised categories. Licences issued before this date remain valid until they expire, but must be replaced by 2033".

Also any medical can be done by your doctor if necessary.