Expired driving licence "attestation"

Anyone in the process of exchanging their UK driving licence for a French one may panic if their temporary “attestation” covering them until the proper French licence arrives is close to expiring. I did. My eight-month attestation expires on June 14. A couple of emails to Nantes, which handles exchanges these days, predictably went unanswered.

Folk in a similar position may be encouraged by this snippet from the CERT website: “Si votre attestation de dépôt sécurisée (ADS) arrive à expiration entre le 12 mars et le 23 juin, elle est automatiquement prolongée jusqu’au 23 septembre 2020, sans démarche de votre part, sauf si une décision (accord ou refus) vous est notifiée avant cette date.”

I’ve no idea how the police would react to an expired ADS, but will carry a printout of this information and hope for the best. Probably a good idea to check with your insurer to see if your cover is still valid. I’ve an RV on June 15 to switch the carte grise on my new car (my splendid old Peugeot 307 spontaneously combusted). A valid licence is required to do this. It could be an interesting day.


Bonnne chance ! Your horoscope predicts it will be une journée sous les meilleurs auspices. Trust me, I’m Mystic Pete :slot_machine::grin:.


Have your printout with you and you should have no problems…

There will be folk across France who are in similar situations… with so many bureaucratic things being delayed/onhold due to covid.

“courage mon brave” … :slight_smile:

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