Explainer: What is the Brexit backstop alternative paper

The examining of transport away from the border has already been looked at and rejected.
These people are living in Cloud Cuckoo Land and this is just dragging out the argument to give the government an excuse to say that they are negotiating.
It fools no one.

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What would happen if Brussels offered a plan for Scotland and North Ireland to stay for a two-year suck-it-and-see period as associate members of the EU, with freedom of movement, associate membership of the single market and customs union, with free circulation of the Euro alongside the NI and the Scottish pound in those countries, and no hard borders in either NI or Scotland, but border controls between England and the countries of continental Europe?

The English would be happy, and could fly their own St George’s standard everywhere, keep out the w*gs, bring back the birch, export pork pies, sell meat and veg and clotted cream in lbs and ozs, and measure gentlemen’s crotch-to-instep in inches and feet.

General satisfaction, normal service restored and halves of shandy and pickled eggs all round. :hugs:


Because there is no such thing as a region being a member of the EU in its own right if the nation of which it is part is not - and there’s no such thing as associate membership. It would also put a regulatory border between Scotland/NI and England which won’t fly while the UK exists.

Should Scotland cede it can apply in its own right as a nation and NI, should Ireland unite, will automatically become a member of the EU as part of the reunification.

Independent Scotland in the EU will do.

Yes, yes (testily), I understand your points of views @vero and @ptf but time is short and I need a quick fix to take to Brussels on 17th October. I can out-bullshit and out-smarm BoJo, and I’ve got age and wisdom on my side . Nothing ventured nothing gained, and I think I can get Veradka on-side but time is of the essence.

Wish me the luck of the Irish, it’s a long, long way to Tiperarary, but my heart lies there. :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

In parliamentary-ease someone is being economical with the truth…