Exporting touring caravan to France

_I need advice about how to export a touring caravan to France.

Does it have a European Certificate of Conformity?

Hi David, yes, Bailey have said that they can provide us with one as long it’s a fairly recent van…manufactured after 2012.

Kind regards

Jennifer (Price) Mercadal

Hi Jennifer

If you can get a Full Certificate of Conformity (in French)… then I would presume the process is much the same as with a vehicle…

From what I’ve seen modern vans with a certificate from the manufacturer are straightforward. Older ones can be almost impossible.
I registered a trailer with a certificate of conformity and it was very straightforward.

Hi, that sounds encouraging. What about CRIS etc? When you received your certificate of conformity, what did you do next, and how long did it take for you to get a carte grise and plates?

Jennifer (Price) Mercadal

With my trailer it was just a simple visit to the prefecture.