Expression Web Help Needed

Hi hoping there is an expert out there with Expression Web, just moving our web site over and have found that one is not viewing correctly on different sized computer screens and I now have a headache and too many glasses of red wine trying to find out why. They all seem set up the same but just one is causing a problem, I am sure it is the code but it is now beyond me, so if anyone is a user and an expert can you drop me a line and perhaps we can talk on the phone. Here’s hoping and thanks, it is my first posting.

Thank you, I think after a few hours I have sorted it. I took a copy of the CSS sheet for one of the sites which is ok and for the page content copied it into Limousin on Line CSS sheet and hey presto it worked. Also I had a table within the content area and taking that out helped also. Thanks soooooo much for looking. I really thought I had my head round Expressiion Web and they it jumps up and bites you. Have a good weekend. Charlie

OK, I have looked at it on a laptop with a 1920x1200 display and used Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and

Internet Explorer 9 (the new Beta) and all looks good at full screen and also shunk down width wise until things start re-sizing all over the place.

NOTHING seems to go wrong in all four browsers.

I CAN shrink the width so far that the right-hand column has no choice but to spill over the centre column but that is nothing you can fix due to the inflexible size of the graphic in the centre column.

Yep is the one which is overlapping onto the side border links. and in same programme and appear to have same set up seem ok. When viewed on our desktop pc with wide screen they are ok and on the lap top they naturally shrink to fit the screen, Limousin on Line does not. Can you advise me?

Hi there.

You got an address for the offending pages?