Extended Stay Visa Process

Can anyone advise me on applying for extended stay visas. We are UK nationals and have a property in Dordogne. We would like to move across in September on a 12 month renewable retirement / visitor visa to work on the house. We don’t need a work visa. Is the 12 month visa process the best way to go? Can I apply online and how long does the process take to obtain the visa? Very grateful for any advice/ links

Mark - there is currently no process in place for long stay visas for UK nationals as you are still EU citizens. One of the joys of the Brexit limbo :wink:


I’m sure we’ve covered somewhere - what the French Govt want folk to do “when” Brexit happens. Until Brexit - it’s business as usual.

The French Govt have issued guidelines, although a few details to iron out. (I’ll try and find the link)

Seems for Folk already here (in whatever capacity) - each will have a certain path to follow to regularize the situation they are in, at that time.

Stella/ Simon
Thank you for your advice. I take it that we can stay in our own house in France for as long as we want too this side of Brexit. We can essentially move there without any additional visa requirements, pay tax habitation and remain fiscally on the UK system. We do not want anything on the healthcare side and will not be working. Post Brexit ( depending on outcome) we can decide on applying for residency and any visa needed to remain. Is that about the sum of it?

That just about sums it up, Mark.

Not sure you can (legally) remain fiscally in the UK and outwith the French health system if you are planning a 12 month stay.

Definitely not. In fact you are required to join the French health system (or prove adequate private cover) after staying 3 months with the intention of staying longer. A stay of up to 12 months definitely makes you resident - it’s a matter of fact, not choice.


If you are here for several months/a year you will probably have to do something about any UK regd vehicle… get it changed to French Regn/Insurance. This has been covered elsewhere in the forum.

If you are not going into the French healthcare, you might want to think about a Travel Insurance, just as you would when going abroad for any holiday. The EHIC only covers so much and French costs will need to be paid either by Insurance or your own bank balance or both.

Really, it all depends on how long you intend this visit to be and whether or not your long-term plans are to come to France permanently.

France has made it clear that anyone who is here already (whether for years or just getting started) BEFORE Brexit - will have an easier route to remaining here.

As Simon says… it all depends on how long you intend your stay to be…

Looking back at Mark’s words

he is looking to come to France for as long as… until Brexit.

How long is a piece of string ???

If Brexit goes to plan, Mark will be visiting for 6 months. :upside_down_face::thinking::zipper_mouth_face:

Yep but I hope he doesn’t fall into playing the ‘number-of-days’ game! Residency is simply a matter of fact based on many things - not just time spent in a place. Centre of wealth, assets, family, economic activity, phone calls, bank/card transactions, internet usage etc etc etc. Pretty easy to define these days. :wink:

Loads of info on SF and on the usual French govt. websites.

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Absolutely, which is why I have said… he does need to figure out what he really wants to do. :slightly_smiling_face:

If his Plan is “to stay after Brexit” - then doing the small, important things NOW - like the car - is one rung on the ladder.

Having the house redesignated with the Tax Folk as Residence Principale instead of Maison Secondaire is another rung.

House Insurance designation changed as well, yet another rung, another sign of intent.

French Electoral Roll - another rung. - all done BEFORE Brexit.

Lots of little steps will get him there - as a French Resident
and, Yes, he will need to do the Worldwide Income Declaration for the French Tax Authorities after 12 months - which is covered several times over on this forum. (I think we’ve well-chewed that particular bone haven’t we @Simon, over the last few years. :crazy_face:)

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Really helpful thank you. We do intend to stay so taking the steps mentioned before Brexit is great advice. No intention of playing the number of days game or dodging any legal requirements for remaining. My reference to fiscally was more for pension and property rental income still being taxed in UK. I’ll have a look at the thread you mentioned. So, on arrival do we simply declare that we intend to stay full time with the Marie office?

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Mark… is yours a smallish commune or a town?

The Mairie of a smallish commune will be pleased to have you tell them that you intend to stay; get yourself on their Voting Lists… and they will point you in the right direction to get your House redesignated at “permanent” - a big town might be too busy for much personal chat although they, too, will be able to get you on their Voting Lists.

A market town Stella. Is there anything we should do at this end before departing for full time stay in September?

Here you are Mark

Main things P85 (link above) & Form France-Individual if applicable

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Thank you very much.

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Simon has given the link for UK stuff and I have sent you a message for French stuff.


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