External battery box not working - freezing temperatures - advice needed

Hello we have the use of a dry cell battery and unfortunately overnight it became very cold and so this morning Homer was outside of his fenced area eating. We are living near a busy environment and road so this was a little worrying, needless to say he will not show us how he got out.

How would you advise insulating the box - should I place it in a cardboard box and surround the battery with sheeps fleece or what? Sorry to be so witless but I have no ideas and not much money at the moment.

horse manure in a sack works well at least its kept my pipes from freezing this year and they froze last year when i hadn't insulated them

We had one of these batteries several years ago which we made a small wooden crate for, surrounded it with straw/hay and never had any problems after that! Hope this helps.

One winter we had our water pump frozen and the whole body of it split. Ever since then we pack it well with glassfiber insulation (the horrid yellow stuff) and it's also in a wooden box. As James said, I would first charge it up to maybe warm it up and then wrap it.

Good luck

Maybe charge it fully during the day, that might warm it up too.

You could pack around it with hay or straw, and then cover it with a plastic feed bucket or a sack.