Extra people in gite

I have a gite which sleeps 8. 8 people turned up on saturday (4 adults 4 small children) and yesterday another car arrived which is still here. I dont think its acceptable really to have extras but not sure if I am just being mean as the house is quite big and the children are quite small. They share the pool with another gite for 4 and us if we so wish. am interested in opinsions about how best to deal with them - my french often lacks subtlety.

thank you for all the replies. The extra couple left mid afternoon before I had said anything. will add a clause to my contract about extras and also nudity which I had to deal with last week.

We have an apartment with two bedroom....one king size bed....and two singles...there are also two fold up beds...one for a child..the other a camping bed. Not sure where extras sleep if you dont have more beds...tiled floor a bit unforgiving...the pool for the apartment is large..so it doesnt matter. As long as the apartment was left clean and tidy, not sure I would mind....as long as it doesnt involve extra work/laundry etc.

I think it's a cheek and typical! give an inch and people take a yard. Be nice but firm. Like others have suggested go over your booking contract and set it out in black and white exactly what is and what is not acceptable and get them to sign it at the booking stage - that way there is no argument or debate or bad feelings if you have to instigate it. Better that way than waiting for something to happen. plus it is obviously 'getting to you' and robbing you of your peace. Remember it is your property...

I have a clause in the contract I use which specifies the number of people who have booked & says that if more arrive I can ask for more money or ask them to leave. Last year a couple annoyed me by having friends come & go, staying one night or so all the fortnight they were here. They were very clever though & never exceded the 6 people they had specified in the contract at the same time. Very annoying!

my gite has an insurance limit of 9 - does yours say anything?

What does it say on your booking conditions? Mine says no extra people (causes more wear and tear and when there is a problem you don't know who to come back on..) I also write on my directions that I send out that only people named on the booking form are allowed to stay...

Don't forget it's not fair on the other people sharing the pool either to have extras big or small...

We had a problem 2 years ago when someone flushed tampons down a saniflo loo 2 weeks into their 4 week stay and then said it was their friends who stayed and had just left who had done it... and they wouldn't accept responsibility for them... our GBP700 security deposit didn't cover the GBP2000 plumbing bill (included emptying the fosse and all sorts...)