Extraordinary Coincidence!

This probably ought to be in “Small Talk” . :slight_smile:

Our latest gite guests (new this year) are leaving today. We invited them for aperos yesterday evening and we happily gossiped for a couple of hours about our respective lives. During which gossip we learnt that a few years back their daughter bought a house in Wimbledon in a street we knew. After a few minutes of confusion - trying to remember the number and which side of the road it was and which half of a semi it was we discovered - their daughter had bought OH’s sister’s house. :astonished:
Only one phrase for it - “small world”.


6 degrees of separation rule still applies


Our last ones go tomorrow, and then we start packing for our holiday :clinking_glasses::icecream:. We have had people and constant changeovers since May, so looking forward to staying in someone else’s gîte!