Eymet's traffic lights - annoying unnecessary red light on main road

Sorry, but this is a bit of a crusade. I’ve ttempted to raise the issue at the Mairie several times over 3 years, but still the lights are badly set.
The lights control a simple cross-roads. One road is the main D933 Bergerac-Agen road and the other is a much smaller local access. The main road does seem to have priority - i.e. with no traffic at all the lights stay green on the main road.
Of course, it is perfectly acceptable - and correct - for traffic arriving on the smaller road to trigger the lights in their favour after 10-15 seconds. Indeed, that is what happens.
But it is not right that any vehicle that turns INTO the side road also triggers the lights to change from main road ‘green’. The side-road detectors are also picking up vehicles going into the side road and (falsely) changing the lights.
I use this piece of road several times a week - nearly always on the D933 - and see this incorrect light changing in at least 1 in 3 approaches. Frankly it annoys me, but I bet it annoys many others - especially lorry drivers - who are needlessly stopped.
How might we address this problem and get the detectors better ‘tuned’?


Have you had a word at your Mairie? - at least asking them who you should speak with.

Once you know who/where, if having a word gets nowhere, write a letter and send it with a signed receipt (so you know it has arrived).

Such an official letter should always be given a written response… and you will have some idea of what is going on and what (if anything) is likely to happen.

(Detectors near us will change to Red if a vehicle is judged to be speeding. As the range is quite long, it is infuriating to arrive slowly and watch the lights go Red 'cos some plonker zooms up… grrrr… and there is nothing in the side-road )

Stella, I can’t tell you how many times I have tried at The Mairie (actually, three). Just can’t get through the receptionist (10 minutes to explain where the 'tricouleurs are, on one occasion!). I have gathered, however, that there is a roads department - separate to the Mairie - but haven’t managed to get any contacts.

Roads are not my speciality - but I know that responsibility is shared between Commune/ Community of Communes /Department and beyond possibly.

You need to go up a level - ask a neighbour/councillor or even the Maire for the address Direction Départemental des Routes (or DIR)… they must know that.

The Mairie won’t do much, contact the DIR or DDE directly.

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They should give him an address, that is something they should have at hand…

Stella,you just need to google ‘DIR Dordogne’ or similar and it will probably either give you the main office in Limoges and or the nearest branch to Eymet or telephone and ask. I’m sure they will give a Rdv on site to discuss the matter. I’ve done the same kind of thing in the 16 and 87.
It’s not difficult to find these people.

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Why on earth couldn’t his Mairie have said this to him.

@lebeuil1 Peter has given you the answer… go to it… and good luck.

Like so many things Stella, it depends on the Mairie.
Some can help with such things where others don’t concern themselves.
I contacted Limoges when I had problems and they sent round the local chap, same with Charente when the local bods came after having called Angoulême.


Yep, I forget that, despite our small commune, our Mairie is exceptionally helpful.

At the moment they are on red-alert to support/comfort any Brits suffering from Brexititis … :upside_down_face:

What has always amazed me is that how some Mairies give totally different advice from neighbouring Mairies about things like C de Ss etc. Regs must be the same throughout the country but some Mairies are clueless. Some are more proactive than others in the process.

Is this the light just before the bridge over the Dropt when you are coming into Eymet from the north? The D933/route du chemin de la plaine de Bretou and route du Tonadre crossroads?

Yes it is, Veronique.

Great advice from Peter :+1:t3:
here’s the direct link where all contact details addresses, phone numbers and emails are given.

Good luck

Thank you, all. I have emailed the DIR in Limoges and await their reply.

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Let us know if you get a result. Good luck.

An update:

Had a reply from Limoges telling me the responsibility for departmental roads is <<services du Conseil départemental de la Dordogne>>. Apologies to you, Peter and Tracey, I had already written to Limoges.
https://contact.dordogne.fr/Form_Contact is the form to write to them. Open Amenagement du Territoire and select Roads…

I’ve done that, so waiting for their response.

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Here is the response:


Suite à votre courriel pour l’affaire citée en objet, je vous informe que les feux tricolores situés à l’entrée de le commune d’Eymet dépendent de la Mairie d’Eymet et je vous prie de bien vouloir vous rapprocher de leurs services pour toute requête.


So it’s the Eymet Mairie after all.

Could someone please tell me how to get past the receptionist at the Mairie? Each time I have been there I have been thwarted in trying to speak to someone responsible.

Why not print out the email (with its address etc)… the whole thing… and show that to the Eymet Receptionist??