Fabulous Vie at Home products!

Some time ago, Jill Warner-Cleave was kind enough to send me some gorgeous Virgin samples and as a Virgin virgin (pun fully intended), I was really impressed.

I have incredibly sensitive skin and react badly to the vast majority of skin care ranges, so I was delighted to find the Superfood skin serum agreed with my skin. The serum claims that its blend of protective anti-oxidants and anti-ageing ingredients will keep your complexion youthful, fresh and revitalised. I don’t know quite how much younger it made me look (!) but, it did give me a glow, made my skin feel far more comfortable and allowed make-up to go on more smoothly. Result!

I loved the eye and cheek palette. The blusher - Bare Faced Cheek - is one of the best I have ever used. Despite having very different skin tones, my daughter clearly agrees as she keeps pinching it. The eye colours were great and I loved the integral applicators. I’ve been incredibly impressed with the quality of Virgin products and highly recommend them. Jill is offering SFN members a whopping 10% discount and free P&P so drop Jill a line on her page and request a catalogue!

Thank you Catharine

Hi catherine
Can you please remove the word VIRGIN from the company name as we are not Virgin Vie but VIE at Home. Thank you
Suzanne Group Sales Manager for VIE at Home.