Facebook and Gmail

Suddenly realised last night that most of my Facebook notifications were no longer appearing in my Gmail inbox. Anyone know why this might be? And how to fix it?

I can’t see any logic in the selection of which notifications make it to the inbox and those that don’t.

I am noticing that nowadays… I await some marvellous person giving us the explanation… soon, please,… before I go nuts :slight_smile:

algorithms and software updates, facebook have been updating recently due to the fake news and google have been working on filtering what they deem to be spam more recently.

also facebook are trying to push the facebook app and desktop notification systems rather than emailing everything as it was annoying people getting email after email

check your facebook settings are what you expect them to be, try using the facebook app on a smart phone and enabling desktop notifications on your computer rather than relying on the emails, to be fair they are much better

Thanks for this. I’m having the same problem on my phone and my Notebook so presumably as usual it’s a case of OTT. A bit like the fake news sites which announce themselves as such and are there to entertain being banned along with the real fake news sites. Babys and bathwater spring to mind.

Thanks for the info… I am technically in the stone-age with no smart phone etc, I-pad… etc etc…just bog standard computer.