Facebook and the sneaky plans (Fakebook)

Topic says it all

And this surprises people?

they have always denied it but now caught out.


Oh, but we can split hairs on this one - Zuckerberg was asked about “information that people have put on Facebook”, but this is not primarily about stealing people’s content but about selling off data that Facebook was gathering while you were using the service.

It doesn’t stop him being a tw*t though.

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Not from mine they haven’t because shock horror I haven’t got a smartphone.


What to do what to do…??? Do we delete Facebook accounts…maybe go to steemit…??? https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-25/dumb-f-ks-julian-assange-reminds-us-what-mark-zuckerberg-thinks-facebook-users

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alas fakebook still is the lesser of the evils.

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Steemit seems a viable alternative…and bitchute if anyone has a regular you tube channel as there is most definitely a silencing of dissenting voices going on at the tube currently …and lifelong work being deleted for would you believe it…”harassment and bullying”…oh right so deleting years worth of content isn’t harassment and bullying then…??? https://steemit.com/life/@maxigan/everything-is-backwards

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what youtube are doing is deleting accounts and with it all the videos. Like for instant the youtuber from america who deliberately set up a stall in the middle of luton Pakistani district with a bunch of leaflets stating Allah was gay.

a dleiberate act to upset people. its wrong that they think they can do that sort of thing. Oh and the youtuber who went to suicide park and filmed a dead body and put it all over youtube. Or the streamers getting naked on youtube like and twitch to generate money when kids could be watching. Yes I fully agree their accounts and all their work should be removed.

I have a youtube channel and I have everyone of my videos backed up so there is no loss of my lifelong work or anything else.

‘Fakebook’… Aha. I get it now; but at first I’d clicked on this topic thinking it might be all about music.

Fakebooks like this, from my time working in music libraries…


“…fake books can be an avenue to playing songs quickly; a few chords and a one-note melody line can allow even an amateur to play a passable version of any song with relative ease. Despite the name, fake books are often unbound, consisting of a thick, loose stack of sheets.”

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yeah fakebook where you can be anyone but yourself.

If you don’t like it stay away, easy :grin:

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for us its the choice of this to show videos to clients or nothing.

Harry… can’t you use YouTube for your clients ??? or Skype…for live feeds.

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the problem is with skype and youtube our internet i awful so both end up pretty glitchy where you just cant make iout the dogs. we tried several options. plus as we live stream to everyone to view it would requie me posting a link somewhere as we post on demand.

Ie you dog is staying you message me on facebok i instantly hit the live video link and video si up live in seconds. you tube is having to go sign into youtube then connect and wait fr it to buffer. it was a nightmare. we do have a you tube channel but we stopped using it as no one could see it.

Skype is the same great one on one but not compatible with our 360 degree camera.

Plus most 95% of our clients are on Facebook.

Even your Super U is ‘spying’, noting what you buy, even how much of it, it’s the World now, nowt we can do about it :slightly_smiling_face:


So true Bill and guess what - I couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss ! Much more important things to focus on :slight_smile:


Thank you for clearing that up. I was totally confused, I knew that there were issues with Facebook but I had been unable to find the fakebook App anywhere.

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yes changed the title of the post to make is not to confuse people. left fake book in brackets. Although my link does clearly say Facebook.

Urban dictionary top fakebook:

A digital pseudo-reality boasting your ‘Real IP Address Self’ has hundreds of close human ‘friends’ beyond those you actually have. Yet, the preponderance of these are anomalous entities, much like avatars or quintessences of the collective imagination of those involved. These pixel-meld hallucinations are typically of someone you have never met, never will, or even if you did, you wouldn’t recognize each other, which proves the point entirely. ‘Friends’ are virtual, semi-actualized characters who ‘liked’ something you said in a lucid moment; are attracted to someone you resembled; were amused by a photo you posted; or related to purported fun or drama.

But since they are never online after befriending you (& they think you are weird if you write them later or think they are actually there) it shows you have bought into this parallel macrocosm of distortedly amplified friendship. Participation severely underlines your extreme insecurity about having few or no ‘real’ friends since you are willing to make friends with anyone under the slightest pretext & even buy into a scam that gives you a warm, fuzzy sensation of being part of a benign worldwide social network (that may not even include your actual family & friends), but is mainly trying to sell you stuff via tailored ads that materialize on the right, regarding everything you talk about. Just post any word that crosses your mind to see behind the fabric of this lucrative venture. Ka-ching!
Q: You spend all day on FakeBook! We never go out anymore!
A: I Unfriended you on FakeBook long ago! Why are you still here?