Facebook security checker

(Nick Aurelius-Haddock) #1

It is a hot topic in the security world about how Facebook is changing it’s privacy settings to let more of your information out onto the web, not always a good idea. In a perfect world this would not be a problem, but some people can be a little too open for their own good, and you would be surprised what information you can get these days.

So here is a great utility to keep you secure, just go to this web site and follow the instructions, and you can then decide what you want or don't want people to see.

Facebook Security checker


(Dave Bassett) #2


Just hide your DOB, you can control who sees it on FB or just enter the day and month, then you will get all the birthday stuff…

(Phil Benn) #3


Nothing wrong with Social Networking sites like Facebook. Just don’t share anything that you wouldn’t want the world to know forever.

I estimate that in the future our ancestors may research our personalities and lifestyles through history of information stored on Internet sites like Facebook.

(Catharine Higginson) #4

Good point - have just removed my DOB. But now I won’t get any birthday presents…sniff.

basically yes, I want to be found but just wanted to be aware of anything I might not have considered.

(Dave Bassett) #5

The first thing is do you want to found? if not then there are settings for that, I was harasssed by someone a little strange on FB that found me through playing Scrabble on there, but then it’s only words so no problem. The big issue that was pointed out to me was showing too much info such as DOB and family details, which could lead to having your identity stolen. I do not mix work and FB so I have my settings so I can only be found by friends of freinds, that helps control who finds me

(Catharine Higginson) #6

I’ve just had a look and am going to do it this morning when I have had a little more coffee…! But I have a question.

In terms of FB or a similar site - is there really any issue with the rest of the world having access to my contact details? As a journo they are readily available and all over the internet anyway. The thought of some stalker finding me doesn’t remotely concern me as a) in rural France, any stalker would have to have an MI5 level of stalking skills rather than being your common or garden weirdo to even find anyone, b) I never post anything that I wouldn’t be happy with the entire western world viewing and c) don’t often photocopy my bum at the annual Christmas party…

Equally I did once get a job as a result of the Editor in question finding me via my FB profile…

Thoughts anyone please? Thanks!

(Phil Benn) #7

I fared pretty well on the Privacy Check (and so I should based on my background!) but I would certainly recommend it for those of you who are not altogether familiar with all the Facebook privacy settings, especially the new and rather lax ‘default’ settings they have imposed.

It’s quick and easy to do, and also gives you brief instructions and links to click which take you straight to the parameters in question.