Facial Recognition Cameras - Yet Another Reason Not To Go Back To UK

How very rude you are.

I freely admit that I was a pain in the arse in my teens and had many run-ins with the fuzz, I’ve been attacked by police dogs, knocked over by police horses during pitch invasions and had loads of whacks from truncheons, I deserved everything I got.

The average bobby has a thankless task and being human they can’t be expected to get things right 100% of the time.


Au contraire Jane , it’s you who gave the advice ‘to keep your mouth shut’, IMO not very good advice because every situation is different.

You have had a bad experience in the past, but not all police/gendarmes react the way they did towards you.

I have recently been through a horrible experience where someone very dear and loved by me was treated terribly by a bitch of a nurse and the hospital… It doesn’t mean that because I was badly let down by them that I would advise anyone else to do this or that in a similar position. You can’t tar everyone with the same brush, there are good and bad in all walks of life. For every negative expereince there are far more good ones…


Quite agree with you Tim ! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s easy for people who haven’t ‘been there ‘ to sit and pontificate. It would be very different were they to experience some of the things the average police officer goes through in a career


Calling me some woman, is extremely rude.

Jane, I think you need to re-read the posts and calm down a bit.


Jane, it’s time now that you stood back, took a deep breath and re-read some of the things that you have posted.
Nellie was responding to a post where you advised that people should ‘keep their mouth shut’. She was correct in saying that if someone was in trouble with the law then their response should not be that some woman on SF told me too.
Really this is nit picking in the extreme and is not worthy of you.


True. I wouldn’t want to be in the police. Also it is much more beauracratic now and with the public recording on their mobiles it makes the more cavalier coppers a bit careful.
I think we forget that the police have to deal with murders, car accidents, abuse etc on a regular basis. I was once stood on a train platform(afternoon) with two friends when a guy either drunk or on drugs came and started talking to us and quickly became quite abusive. A very tall, well built guy came and asked him in a really gentle way to leave us alone. He was an off duty policeman and we were delighted to see him. He produced his warrant card and the guy immediately quieted down and the policeman engaged him in conversation until we had got safely on our train.

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I would advise anyone to keep quiet until they had the chance to get legal advice.
Of course there are many times when the police do a very difficult job, but the question was about being advised to take a police caution. Ours was a very unpleasant experience and I wouldn’t want any other parents to be in the same position as our friends.

Thank you for a more reasonable response.

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In a previous life, i used to wander in and around a 5 sided building, facial recognition was installed there before it had a name, the corners of each corridor had an office with mirrored windows, cameras on each intersection and spot ID checks along the corridors even down to the bathrooms. It never bothered me as I got used to it. People get up in arms about it yet posting their each and every move in their lives on fressbuch each and every day, like some posters on here do with piccys of the kids and grandkids but are totally and vehemently against systems like this.

The mind never comes out of boggling mode. Lets face up to it folks, it Is here and isn’t going to go away. Live with it whether you like it or not.

Jane, if you have an account on twitter, fressbuch or any other social media platform, you are opening yourself to be spied upon, no matter where you are in the world. Even certain Email providers such as goggle, MSN etc have certain amounts of data linked to you or anyone else. The virtues of the digital world.

A friends son works in CID At the beginning of the school year when all the proud parents post pictures of their children in their new school uniforms his team posted a picture on social media of a young girl on her first day at school.,except she didn’t exist ,they photoshopped all the bits together ,by 3 pm the child’s photo and details had appeared on a paedophile website

That’s sickening. My grandson is 7 and I used to post pics of him. Now I tend to just send them to his parents via messenger, not sure if that’s safer.

This completely backs my concern that automatic deletion of photos of people who were charged and not convicted are not being removed as legally required.
These people have gone through a hard time already and to find their details being used in this way adds insult to injury.
Thank goodness the Select Committee is doing its job and standing up for the rights of the individual.
To those who say that this technology is already being used in airports, if you choose to fly you accept that, but walking down your local High Street is a totally different matter and is a gross intrusion of privacy.

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Clearly the technology is in its infancy and will become more accurate as time goes on and improvements are made.
I have to say that I really don’t see it as an invasion of privacy. Surely those that have nothing to hide have nothing to fear from it.
Once perfected, it will be a wonderful tool for the forces of law and order who desperately need all the help they can get in their task of keeping us safe.

Can anyone really object to an automated system that alerts police to a known terrorist suspect hanging around the railway station, or to the known child molester who has been spotted loitering in a park full of children in a different town to that in which they reside ?

Facial Recognition Cameras will be a marvelous crime fighting tool once the system is perfected. The system will often enable police to intervene BEFORE the crime is committed, as well as being an excellent way of locating those offenders who are already on the ‘wanted’ list.

In my view the law abiding public should actively welcome the development of such systems, safe in the knowledge that those with nothing to hide have nothing to fear from it.