Factures from Artisans

Hi All,

I have a question regarding trying to get hold of a facture for works carried out to the roof of my house, are Artisans bound by any legality to provide a Facture? I had a devis, also a copy of the decennial insurance , any ideas appreciated. Just to say it wasn’t a small sum of money!

The short answer is yes, I’d keep pushing them.

Did you pay without a bill?

I think we all know the answer to that. :wink:

Short answer to that John is yes, this was quite awhile ago, it was the first large work carried out to the house, I was still in the UK, I had no experience of how the system worked over here, so I had a detailed devis which we both signed, there were 3 staged payments, he even wrote on the devis the first payment amount and cheque number.

The reason I need the facture is the house is potentially sold and the notaire wants all the factures for the compromis de vente.

Perhaps tell him you are going to approach the TVA authorities to confirm the facture exists if he continues not to respond. The last thing any trader wants is an increased possibility of an in-depth TVA inspection :wink:

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Thanks Graham, that sounds like a way forward. Certainly worth a try

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I think that’s a good idea Graham. Maybe asking the Notaire to write to him as well might jog his elbow.

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