Fading away day 2

Its day 2 in the big blubber house and I am already feeling like Ghandi on a hunger strike, its amazing what your brain becomes used to and what happens when it cycle breaks I felt so hungry yesterday I could have eaten one of my young except they had already gone to bed and I was to weak to climb the stairs,on a sensible note I ate the same as I would normally but have taken roughly a third off my plate on each meal (except breakfast which is only ever a small bowl of cornflakes and a bannana) I know that there is plenty left on the plate to sustain me and the third I chucked away is the third thats put there by the invisible greedy eye that we tend to look through when we are putting food down on our plates.Did a load of sit ups 140 to be precise but then I have always found them easy for some unknown reason, did not do much else yesterday as it was freakin freezin, how ever i will make the extra effort today, looked in the mirror still just a hunk of burning love but still a bit of a fat hunk of burning love but in my mind the fading away has started even if my body has not joined in yet…now where did I put that piece of lettuce.

I wanted a bacon sandwich, but I had some Weetabix instead, still hungry though! Imagine how hungry I would be if I had to exercise too…

Well done - starting is the hardest part. We will keep you motivated. I think James and Stuart should join in for moral support!