Fading away day 3

day 3 in the big blubber house

HI all well today I have been up at the crack of dawn and had my breakie (usual cornflakes and milk) had a little cheat a couple of glasses of wine last night got on the scales this morning and have lost half a kilo so all good there still not exercising as I would would like to but its soooo cold but I am doing a bit, mostly sit ups, the downsizing of portions is going OK I am eating lovely food (my wife is a successful chef here) so its no good trying to eat nuts and leaves, as I believe you eat with your eyes as much as your mouth.big test today as my wife is having as cake bake in the kitchen today oh dread oh dread I am having guilty thoughts already I will go do some more sit ups to punish myself ..naughty dobby bad dobby, dobby must not think cake thoughts ...

Well done on losing the half kilo - every bit helps. I can’t live without my slice of cake after lunch - just as well I bake a virtually fat free one that uses our garden fruits (from the freezer at the moment) topped with a generous dollop of nat yoghurt so my eyes and brain are fooled into thinking cake and cream! Keep up the good work.