Fading away day 4

(steve Clinton) #1

I am now on day 4 of getting thinner and fitter and as I am in this for the long haul have decided to stop beating myself up over not exercising as much as I want to, I know the weather will break and I can catch up then, as for the food its all good I am not finishing off what the kids leave on their plate any more, that is a really bad habit of putting away food that you conveniently forget to count when you think of how much you have eaten,so that is good, still downsizing my portions ,still doing loads of sit ups, still to cold to get stuck into exercising properly ,still freakin hungry, still sticking at it still,realising this is a journey, not a race,still failing misrably at not having the wife’s cup cakes,what can I say I am just weak ah well onwards and upwards,no cakes left so cant eat any …

(Stuart Wilson) #2

Keep at it Steve