Fallen trees neighbouring property

During the recent storm a tree fell from my neighbours land towards my garden and is being held in the air by 2 of my trees which are bent over supporting the weight. At anytime this tree could fall through into my garden and would then present quite a dangerous situation and significant damage to fencing.
The issue is the house is empty and I have no contact for the owner (I understand they work away long term and had gone before I moved here) My question is in the absence of a contact number what are my rights in terms of accessing their land to make safe the situation (assuming I will have to pay for it as well) Any ideas anyone?

Hi Maddie,
have you called your insurance company? If you point out to them that some preventative work now might be better than wait for the inevitable crash they might come quickly to sort it for you. Then they should be looking to recover their expenses from your neighbour’s 3rd party liability cover/insurers.

Just going to do that. My concern is if they can’t make safe without going into the other property will this be an issue if we cannot get permission?

I guess the insurers will know?

Contact your Mairie and advise them of the situation/ask for their advice…

they may well have a contact for your neighbour… and are, anyway, an excellent source of info/support.

Thank you i will do…