Family seeking equestrian property to rent

We are an English family looking to rent a property sleeping 8+ with equestrian facilities. Ideally a sand school and stabling and at least 20,000 meters of land. We would be happy to consider any where in the following provinces… Loire, Poitou Charente, Limosin, Aquataine, or Midi Pyrenees. We would ideally be looking to rent for two years with the possibility to purchase.
Any help would be very much appreciated as we were about to sign for such a place but the existing tenant is refusing to leave and we are now desperate as we have rented our own property here from September.
Hope that some one out there knows of something, many thanks in anticipation Jo Mackenzie

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Properties like that don’t exist in France for rental !!!

Be careful here !!!

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Hi Mark we were about to rent a property with 23 stables and three houses belonging to an English family near Bordeaux, the problem is the tenant has the right to stay until October. The avocate had originally believed that the date he should vacate was in April. I am keen to see if there is anything else available now as our place here is let from September and we will find it difficult to accommodate animals and humans for the almost 7 weeks gap. x Jo

English owners !!..they tend to operate differently in France.

Find me a French owner who would be willing to ‘rent’ such a property and I will eat my hat !!!.

Like I said, be careful.

Thank you so much I will bare your advice in mind.!!!

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Hi Jo. I’m not advertising but there’s a large property for sale near us. I’m just wondering if they would be worth contacting regarding rental. Just google equestrian property st Michel to have a look If you want I can get the mobile number tomorrow of the family. (Am not good with technology…!)
Good luck

Dear Daisy,
That’s fantastic thank you so much. I will see if I can find it but the
mobile would be great too if you can get it. I am not too hot with
technology either and both my daughters and husband are out at the moment…

Many thanks,