Fantastic French Medical Breakthrough

Heard that they’ve now perfected a process in France, where, at birth, a child is implanted with a micro chip which enables them to judge within a few centimetres, the size of the gap between the 2 cars in front, thus allowing them to overtake and only cause the driver in front’s arse to nip, without even noticing any hazard themselves! Isn’t modern technology great?

24 hours in Bangkok Bruce. I have been in around 100 countries in all over my career and I have never experienced such terrifying drivers anywhere else. Overtaking the line at traffic lights and going through the red with traffic going both ways across. Wrong way round a roundabout as an obvious short cut. I've seen it all plus more there. They have a lobotomy with a chip insertion instead.

Apart from Stella being Mauritian, the only reason we spend a couple of months there each year is to confirm to me that the French are only the world’s second worst drivers!

Many years ago I read a book called “Sixty Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong” and one of many statements the author made was that as soon as a Frenchman gets behind the wheel, he is rendered invincible, or some such words to that effect. I have seen nothing to disprove this having lived here full time since 2001. It would appear the French would rather overtake on a blind bend than anywhere else and that they either don’t have a clue about what a turn indicator is for, or they have had them removed altogether to avoid confusion.

What about the implant that lets them sit on your bumper without even overtaking?