Farage - After 7 flushes you think he would have gone down

So Farage has returned to put himself forward at the election despite suggesting last week that he would do the patriotic thing and go to USA to support Trump.

Unfortunately I have a feeling he may have success this time.

He has previously stood 7 times without success.

This video highlights his true colours:

Any thoughts?

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Its the elements he attracts that worries me. A certain small Austrian started out in much the same way I think!

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I heard a BBC commentator saying that it should not affect the voting, as all those who want to vote Reform will already be doing so.
I can’t help but think that anyone voting that way should be reformed themselves.
It could be interesting if we have Farage and Galloway both elected to the House.

Misha Hussain gave him a good grilling this morning, being a Moslem made him squirm when trying to use Lancashire as an example of rampant immigration.

But she is Radio 4’s attack dog, she famously interviewed the previously saintly Aung Sang Soo Che (sp?) who came away bruised and muttering ‘they didn’t tell me there would be a Moslem interviewing me.’ :rofl:

Many. Most of which would probably result in my arrest were I to vocalise them :wink:


I’m not so sure - there was previously strong UKIP support in Clackton and, given Farage’s link with that party, I would not be surprised if he attracts a sizeable share of the vote - above & beyond any random Reform candidate.

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Sorry, hadn’t seen this thread when I created another.

Can they be united, @billybutcher ?


I see he has already had a drink thrown over him by a “supporter”


Well, he should perhaps receive a trophy for the most beered-upon grifter ever to grace UK politics.


C’est fait.

Merci, mon vieux!

Though I doubt anyone uses « mon vieux » any more :face_holding_back_tears:

Going back to Farage - I’m conflicted a bit, as has been mentioned assault is assault and should not be condoned even if the target is someone like him. On the other hand it *was* Farage.

I haven’t head what he actually said but some reports say he talked about D-Day, no doubt in jingoistic terms. But how dare he when that war was fought to rid Europe of exactly his type?


Rafael Behr has written an excellent article on him in the Graun today. Sorry, not good with links.

This one…?

It’s a challenge, isn’t it. Despite being against assault, no matter how despicable the subject, it’s hard not to smile at the Poundshop Mosley dripping in milkshake. There’s an element of reaping what you sow.


No doubt he’ll strike up a deal with Mc’D shite for sponsorship. He really should go to the US to support Trump, poor man needs all the help he can get :rofl: we really don’t need Farage so let him go, please oh and loose his papers so coming back is a liitle bit delayed or a Putin helecopter ride :hushed:

Iranian helicopter rides seem very effective at the moment.


Presumably you have to be vieux to use it. :smiley:

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My rugby playing pupils call each other ‘vieux’ (not mon vieux, just vieux) and also ‘gros’ they all do la bise when they arrive at lycée, very unlike their UK counterparts.