Fascinated by forum chatbots! Have you got one, SF?

Bob’s vid. Boo. This means back to google. Never heard of hawkwind… Those two bits of machinery communicating with one another, Metaphor for forum posters?

A life without Hawkwind Jeanette!!??
Unthinkable ; although, rumour has that the sole original member / founder Dave Brock is a Brexiteer.
The vocals on the above are the late, great Robert Calvert, astral poet, & all-round genius.
The artwork is actually the interior of the old Battersea power station.

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…OK! Where have I been all my life! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.
If you’d said deep purple, I would’ve got it pronto.
SO much louder than all the followers, none ever better…
" the late, great Lemmy from [Motorhead and hawkwind] said without Deep Purple he may never have got into the music industry".
Dah dah dah
Duhduh… darrah
Dunh dunh daaaah
Dunh dunh…

Sing it!
What’s that!!!

One of the greats - Always original and offering alternatives - Love this song

Would it be “Smoke on the water?”

Lemmy was a roadie for J. Hendrix

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Madame K used to have a Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters album by Robert Calvert…amazingly not the strangest record she owned.

A very good album…how did you find someone with such excellent taste in music ?

Well that’s a first. I’ll tell her…

If she has “Lucky Lief & the Longships” then she’s a keeper

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Hawkwind were the first band I ever went to see, Fairfield Halls in Croydon IIRC. This was back in the Space Ritual days. Still a brilliant live album.

I first saw them in 79 at Ipswich Gaumont. Masters of the Universe tour with Tim Blake (Gong) & Simon King .
I have SR & a few other HW albums on vinyl, that sadly don’t see the light of day often enough.

No, but there are some ‘Gong’ albums…