Fast hotel chain

On my trip down in June I thought I would do something different so rather than staying at the Etap in Abbeville I booked the Fast hotel off the A13 in Rouen then the trouble started. When I booked I checked they had one of those automatic key machines in case I arrived outside reception hours and they did so I booke it. When the booking confirmation arrived it said if you arrived after 8pm you needed to phone and let them know otherwise they re let the room.....I am use to this type of thing because everything I do goes wrong anyway undaunted and with school girl French I emailed them. To cut a long story short I have to phone them if I am going to be there after 22.00hrs.

Has anyone stayed with this chain before, it seems complicated to me, should I cancel and book an Etap. Help.

they're all pretty much the same, I've used fast hotel, but not for years, I prefer première classe for value for money ;-)