Fast military jets at night

Tonight we have had 2 batches of fast military jets come over our house (33570).

Both have been in the dark (22:11 and 23:24).

I am not aware of this having happened here before.

Is there something going on?

There have been a couple of albeit small convoys passing here recently ; but usually, any jets go over during the day…
“Transporters” are more the norm here, flying low over, & between the mountains.

There are bases around Bordeaux and various types of aircraft often fly up to Bergerac at night for training.

We have them on a regular basis. One came so low that we could almost see the pilot.
We even had a sonic boom the other week. I thought that it was forbidden to fly supersonically overland, but we all heard it.

We frequently get them at night, all levels of height and speed, but we do have some massive military areas around here.

There does seem to be more jets day and night here in south 40, but I’m between Mont de Marsan and Pau, which both have military airbases

I am wondering why the upsurge in training. What do they know that we don’t?

They’re warming up to nuke No. 10 ?

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Don’t say that. Over here in Scotland we had more than usual fly overs from Tornados and military helicopters.
Just hope Boris is not planning to leave by force!

The RAF tornado was retired earlier this year, it will be the typhoon now.

probably, but you can see the whites in the pilots eye sometimes.

I do’t get the same kick if I cannot see them :airplane:

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We’re in the Correze and we get them day and night on a weekly basis. Increase in the number of sonic booms we’re experiencing too.