Favourite Picture

(Ann Coe) #22

Hello Bill
One of my favourite pictures is one I painted myself ! I have recently taken up painting, to relieve stress, never had a lesson, just enjoying putting my take on things. I was really pleased with how it turned out and it’s now hanging on my wall :slight_smile:

(Bill Morgan) #23

Can you put a photo of it up Ann? :slightly_smiling_face:

(Ann Coe) #24

Will have a try later Bill as the light is reflecting on the glass at the moment, actually have some sunshine :slight_smile:
May have to wait for the clouds and rain that are arriving tomorrrow ! :frowning:

(Bill Morgan) #25

It’s a problem even with ‘so called’ non reflective glass Ann, not wet here (SE56) yet???

(Glenn Beavis) #26

A very difficult choice, and you have to have the picture. Well this one is very near or about the top.

Circa 1950’s My father sailing a one design dinghy called a Redshank.

(David Martin) #27

My parents sailed a Redwing, number 135.

(David Martin) #28

I have very few pictures on my walls as I’ve found that it’s hard to display small frames on pierre apparent walls but after seeing this photo it reminded me of one I have of my parents sailing their Scorpion dinghy in 1963/4. I had a quick look around to find it but didn’t succeed. I did, however, find a small watercolour of the Cornish countryside painted by my mother which was a much nicer discovery. I now have to find out if I can find somewhere to hang it.

(Glenn Beavis) #29

Probably from a distance very similar looking boats. Clinker built, and dark red sails. I forgot to say; this was from Sidmouth. The gaff rigged dinghies, also doubled ( on occasion) , as a “jack of all trades” leisure boat, and were frequently used for fishing.

(Glenn Beavis) #30

hmmm yes I see the problem.

And that must have been an early Scorpion. The numbers grew quite slowly if I recall. I also sailed Scorpions in my youth / early 20’s , and remember one of our club members at Sidmouth bought one of the boat show boats of the early 70’s. …we had a good regular fleet in those days.

(David Martin) #31

I sailed against people from Sidmouth often and used to travel up to Beer as well. The photograph was of Scorpion 294, Ranartra although we had two others later. We sailed at Porthpean in Cornwall.

(Bill Morgan) #32

A classic Glenn beautiful, clincher built, designed by the talented Uffa Fox.
One of my first boats was a Fairy Albacore, also originally designed by Uffa Fox.

(Ann Coe) #33

Right here goes…I have tried every way possible but the results aren’t too good. My favourite painting (framed) and my mum’s favourite. Both impressionist style by me :hugs:

(Glenn Beavis) #34

I remember back along sailors from Porthpean would come along to open meetings / regattas; and also some other clubs far and wide. Likewise we would go to Beer, Seaton; Lyme Regis. The adventurous would also go down to Porthpean, Falmouth. Unfortunately although very generous in letting me use his Scorpion often, my helm and boat owner never had a car; so others in the club sometimes towed “our” boat to the nearer venues. Am sure our boat number was 666, there was always a big joke about it.

(Mandy Davies) #35

Oh wow they are beautiful. You have a real talent Ann.

(Bill Morgan) #36

Really good Ann, I was stunned, when staying in Arles one winter on my boat, was out walking by a canal, imagine my pleasure, when I stumbled on, the actual subject of Van Gogh’s, ‘The Bridge at Arles’ :slightly_smiling_face:

(Glenn Beavis) #37

Both very nice Ann; the lower composition the favourite of the two. It has more “depth”. Like the colour too.

(David Martin) #38

Our second one was 669. I did most of my competitive sailing in Scorpions and to a certain extent their beauty spoiled me for other dinghies. They were a delight to sail too. Porthpean always had a good fleet and thanks to the wonders of the Internet I was pleased to see that there are still a few there. I often saw the original, strangely sail number 2 as the designer, Taprel Dorling, kept it at Percuil, another of my hang outs.

(Ann Coe) #39

Thank you Glenn, it’s a pity that the other is behind glass as it has distorted the colour and contrast :paintbrush:

(Ann Coe) #40

Thank you Mandy for your lovely comment. I was given a set of acrylic paints for my birthday so was inspired to ‘have a go’. It’s a great hobby for an insomniac like me as at 2am in the morning I can paint away without disturbing anyone :wink:

(Bill Morgan) #41

Was only really into ‘dinghy racing’, when I was in Saudi Arabia, we used to have a good ‘Hobicat’ fleet, they were great fun! :slightly_smiling_face:
Used to race my Rival 32 in some long distance races, 5 Kingdoms etc, they were great fun!