Feeding garden birds

The baby blackbirds on my window cill are now grown up enough to feed themselves alone, but yesterday, an adult blue-tit and an adult great-tit, both feeding three chicks each, suddenly arrived out of the blue.

The blackbirds seem well ahead of the tits, although I see that the tit chicks, as well as being fed, are pecking at fat ball crumbs, and looking bigger than the parents. Almost there, end of May.

Haven’t seen any sparrows or robins with their chicks on the window cill yet, so far.


06.21 this morning through the filthy kitchen window - I don’t think you can see much in this picture but it is a pied woodpecker, its mate turned up a few seconds later but I’d put the tablet down.

Those feeders were filled yesterday, at lunchtime.


Cherry tree branches are about a metre or so away from an upstairs window, where I watched an adult blue-tit energetically pecking away at a sunflower seed, breaking open the shell. Sitting alongside was a chick, very still, its attention riveted on the seed being hammered. It didn’t move. Then it was fed bits of seed.

I was struck by the chick’s stillness and intense scrutiny as mum or dad was hammering away.

They learn quickly, these youngsters, but are prone to predation, as learning about danger takes longer IMO. When a bluetit chick was sitting on the window cill, I started to open the window, and the chick remained there, watching, before flying away. Adults fly away instantly at the first inkling.

I’ve just learnt that bluetits only raise one brood in a year and can lay up to a dozen eggs, or more. Helps to mitigate predation and any lack of food I imagine. Survival of the fittest.

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Don’t want rats on my window cills - can’t open the windows at night and the window cill bird food gets eaten during the day as well. So, am getting 2 of these, expensive but well-made, to stick high up on the windows.

Apparently, full-grown rats can leap approx. 70 cms vertically, so these new bird feeders will be higher – out of reach. If they aren’t, it’s easy enough to re-stick them higher up if needed. The rats won’t waste their time & energy climbing up for unreachable food, so I’ll be able to open my bedroom window at night!


Am really impressed with these new window pane bird feeders. Sturdy & strong – well made. Will certainly prevent rats from stealing bird food.

Once the circular suckers were firmly stuck to the glass I couldn’t budge them. Firmly stuck, but easy to remove, clean and replace.

Only the blue and great tits have taken to them immediately but the sparrows, robin, blackbirds and collared doves will no doubt follow, if they’re hungry enough.

I can report back that the window-pane bird feeders on my upper floor window have solved the rat problem on my window cills. Bird food is out of reach and rats being the intelligent animals they are, are not expending precious energy climbing up the walls of my house looking for bird food on window cills. They can smell it, see it and know they can’t reach it. Two and two makes four in their minds, and so they have gone. I set up cameras to make sure, and not a rat to be seen, day or night. And I can leave my bedroom windows open now!