Feeling alone

Is it normal to feel very alone? I was born and raised in California. Moved to France almost 2 months ago to be with my hubby. But I’m alone here. Im trying to learn french but having the hardest time.

Hi Meghann and Welcome to the Forum.

This is a friendly forum and I’m sure folk will chime in with all sorts of helpful ideas and support.

Being in a strange environment can be daunting and when you can’t understand what is being said… that can make it seem so much worse.

Do you have a neighbour with whom you could strike up a tentative friendship??

How about a hobby… something you like doing… is there a club or some such in your area where you can mix with folk (never mind the lack of language, enthusiasm in a certain subject/hobby/skill/interest… this is “international”. )

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I’m in a very small town in Croisette… I tend to chat with the cute hearty cows more than the neighbors cause they r gone usually.

“Croisette”… Pas de Calais…

OK… let’s see if some of our northern France folk will chime in… please…:relaxed::relaxed:


Thank u…just having u to chat too has made my lil heart happy :hugs:

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Have you checked out the local Mairie… they often have pamphlets telling what is going on where and when… good idea for mixing/meeting

One thing lots of folk will be doing tonight… looking at the moon… give you something to chat about (no matter how bad your accent may be :wink:)

It’s right down the street and we rent from tge town mayor. He is nice…met him once! I will look towards the sky tonight but we have quite a few clouds and some thunder hitting our skies

Same here in S Morbihan Meghann, not lookin’ good for the eclipse :crossed_fingers:
I never felt lonely sailing alone, only when in port, with folk about, non of whom I knew, the only answer is to get out and meet folks, you may be surprised how many are receptive to some new company, even if your French isn’t great, a smile goes a long way :+1: Good Luck :slightly_smiling_face:


Bonjour Meghann, I’ve seen the picture of your lovely puppy dog. My dad enjoys walking his dog, because it gives him the opportunity to meet a lot of people. It starts quite often with “oh what a lovely dog !”. Sometime my mum is getting worry waiting for him at home, such he develops so much social life walking the dog !


Oh I smile every Where I go here cause I notice not many people smile! So now people are starting to recognize me with not much words spoken! Seeing people smile fills alot of my sadness of feeling I’m alone


I haven’t gotten lil Georgee yet…but I will in August! My lil buddy and I will walk lots… :blush:

I can empathize with you Meghann. I moved here a month ago and currently don’t speak much French. My wife lives in Illinois and I’m here alone trying to work on the house we bought.
I have found if you look people in the eye and smile while trying as much French as you can people are very friendly.
I have found a lovely bar in Duras where the staff speak quite a bit of English. One of the staff questions me in French then explains what she said and will even write it down for me. Now she greets me by asking what are my sentences for the week that I wish to learn. If you ask for help they are usually very accommodating.

I lived in Southern California for 29 years and 6 in Illinois. Big difference in moving here.

Congratulations on your move.


I’m from Redding Ca…u see the Carrfire going on there? 90,000 acres, 6 dead so far…truly sad. Im stressing a lil cause my 18 yr old son lives in Anderson

You’re from REdding CA and moved to Croisette in the deep rural Pas de Calais ? What happened ? Are you punished for something :smiley: ?

I live on the Opale Coast not very far from where you sit, Baie de Somme, to be more precise. It’s one of the most rustic and rusty places of France.

Do u have photos u wanna share? Why did u move there and are u from France?

I live in Sacramento and know the Redding and Anderson areas very well. My wife and I bought a place in Fontaine-Chalendray, which is in the Charente-Maritime, not far from Cognac. I spent my career in firefighting and emergency services and actually helped to coordinate assistance in Shasta County after the fires in 1999. I wish you well and hope you are adjusting. Take care.

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Hi Paul!!! Thanks for sending me a message…nice to chat with someone from home. Im doing my best to adjust but it’s not easy. I love the food here but miss certain foods from there…like our Ranch dressing!
I’m used to a very fast paced life so I’m trying to adjust to a much slower pace…
I love it here…just adjusting

Hi Meghann

I know what it’s like to miss foods from “home”.

You might want to try this site. They deliver to France and they have an American section that you may find interesting.

All the best.


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Mandy Thank you!!! I went on the site and I’m so excited! Truly wish i could give u a HUGE hug!


You’re very welcome Meghann. I’ll happily accept a virtual hug and offer you a supportive one back :hugs::hugs: