Feeling the pinch in 2013 ?....These people certainly weren't

Another link, I’m afraid…

If I wanted to be swayed by the Daily Mail I would read it. What is the point of this posting?


How about this headline from your newspaper you quoted… disgraceful rag!!

In 2016, who cares if someone is “openly gay”!!! Is this really what Britexiters can be proud of what they are doing to our country and what has been unleashed… :frowning2:

I agree it’s a bizarre headline, especially given the fact that there was a much more relevant point to be made in that they have all been heavily involved in European Institutions…and are unlikely to be truly impartial…
“The judgment by Lord Thomas – a founding member of the European Law Institute, a club of lawyers and academics aiming to ‘improve’ EU law – throws into chaos Mrs May’s timetable for invoking Article 50 in March next year.”,and this…
**"Lord Mance was educated at Charterhouse School in Surrey and read law at University College, Oxford, before working for a law firm in Hamburg and practising at the commercial bar. **

He sat as a Recorder in 1993 and between 2000 and 2011 he represented the United Kingdom on the Council of Europe’s Consultative Council of European Judges.

He has also served on the House of Lords European Union Select Committee, chairing sub-committee E which scrutinises proposals concerning European law and institutions,

The Daily Mail is controversial ‘and sometimes gets it wrong’, but a lot of the time it mirrors the ‘voice of the people’ quite accurately and allows them to ‘vent steam’ by commenting on the stories. It presents a wide range of stories (or in the case of the Kardashians, non stories) but one can pick out the best and they do have some really good columnists…and are very quick off the mark when something outrageous is being perpetrated,as in this case.

You don’t half clutch at straws. Your own position demonstrates quite clearly that people can spend time in Europe without becoming tainted and biased against Britain. You show are real lack of respect yourself! The headlines were totally unsuitable and I disagree with you when you say that they are mirroring the voice of the people, they are putting words into the heads of the unpleasant minority, the tail wagging the dog.
I hope you listened to the piece on Radio 4 this morning which explained quite clearly why it will be virtually impossible to get any worthwhile trade deal with the huge population on the Indian sub continent, an indication of Britain’s real position in the world order; the sort of thing that should be making headlines in the British press not the racist, homophobic rants that your chosen source of quotes displays.