Fellow Bourgogne inhabitants?

Hello! Anyone on here in 89 or nearby? Or anywhere in Bourgogne?



Yes, here in 71.
We are between Cluny and Charolles.
Are you a recent inhabitant?

Hello! I bought my house in 2016 so, yes, relatively new. I make it over 1-2 times / year (from the eastern US). I am doing some renovations to be able to rent it some but it is slow going. How long have you been in the area?

We will be celebrating ten years in August, but we first bought the house in 2005.
You can see a bit of us at www.relax-in-rural-burgundy-co.uk

Hi Laurie,
I live in 89, Vézelay 89450

Hi so not too far. When I was house hunting I looked at a house near Vezelay!

We have English friends who have a house near Vezelay and they have noticed the same phenomen happening there as here in Cluny.
Hotels have been losing tourist trade because of the large number of tourist buses coming to look at the famous monuments and then leaving to go on and ‘do’ their next site.

That does not sound like a fun way to travel. I love getting to know the little villages.