Fête nationale (Bastille Day to the Brits) 14th July 2018 & 2019

This National Holiday falls on Saturday this year… :relaxed:

How will you be celebrating this year ?? This link gives 12 big events to choose from…

Sorry stella, just had to change your title, as the Brit version really p*sses me off!!

No problem Graham… :relaxed:

What will you be doing ???

As a sworn republican, I’ll be celebrating everything that is French -;


Apparently, every day must be a holiday (As I live here), so like every other day, I’ll have a beer or two :beer::beer::beer::beer:

What if The Terror comes back?

Some of the dishes in this link… make my mouth water… :relaxed:

Sorry, just don’t understand your post…

      What if the terror comes back?

After the Republican Revolution in 1789 there was a huge falling out and they killed many people in massacres.

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In those days Jane, sacking the monarchy was generally never bloodless…

On their own side.

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Being a Saturday we’ll be working all day.

Glorious to watch them all marching down the Champs Élysées

Those folk in the Légion Étrangère … phew, don’t want to cross with them… :open_mouth::open_mouth:

I feel somewhat ashamed that I have never watched this Ceremony before… :pensive:

this is for those who could not watch it Live today…

Seems I was correct thinking the Foreign Legion marched “at their own pace”… in this video from 2017, the commentator confirms it… :relaxed: (and, I repeat, they will get no argument from me… :open_mouth: )


Spot the mistake !


:rofl: Whoops :rofl: