Fetes De Village 65670 Monlong

For the first time since 2009 our lovely village is having a village fetes this year. On Saturday 20th August there will be a Vide Greniers so if you have any old junk, I mean valuable antique items, that you would like to sell you can book some space by sending me an email on movingmusic@orange.fr. It is only €2 per linear metre and that includes a free coffee and cake. A bar-b-que and snacks will be available all day. In the evening there is a concert by Shake n Mat followed by a disco which is free, just buy your own drinks. It would be really nice to see all of you who live here there. On the Sunday is the Festive Dinner from 12 noon. Brilliant menu and only €17 per head for adults and €8 for children up to 12 years of age. Book for that the same way by sending me an email. Cheers, Monte