Feuille de soins

I have accumulated loads of feuille de soins going back some three years now as it has taken that long just to get an attestation never mind the green card itself. Now that I have that I have found one pharmacy has accepted it with no problem but another would not and I still had to pay up front. Should I have been sending these off anyway to the UK initially or to La Rochelle which is our local office? Now I have the attestation I have also taken on top up health insurance through Credit Agricol. Do I have to copy everything to send to the insurance company or do they have the original and then pass it on. Any help and guidance would be appreciated.

Haven't had to deal with a feuille de soins for ages but I do remember having to stick the labels from the medicine boxes on the sheet before sending it off to CPAM office.

Hi Ian

I think its normal that some health providers require no payment - whilst some choose to take payment up front. The only thing that differs is who gets reimboursed - CPAM and your mutuelle will either reimbourse directly the pharmacy, or if its you thats paid up front, you, directly onto your account. If you receive a feuille de soins then you need to complete it and send it to your local CPAM office. They will then reimbourse some of the cost and the mutuelle which will then trigger the separate remboursement by your mutuelle. (think to hand over your mutuelle number so the health provider can put it into their system)

For the historical Feuille de soins, i dont have much experience. I have submitted forms several years old and got my reimboursements no problem. The only uncertain thing in your case is on which date you 'opened your rights/ouverture des droits' in the French system.