Fibre speeds

Lucky man ! I can see the post on which the fibre distributor is hung from the house, but I have been told it isn’t happening for me or the neighbour below any time soon.

Trying to work from home today because of the snow, the 4G router is struggling to maintain a stable connection with the administration I’m trying to file stuff with, and place payment orders (2FA over SMS) thank you Western Union. One of those days when being rural sucks.

I think if you remember your conversation with Orange in full they would have said up to 950 mb/s For ages on ADSL they were telling me I had up to 18 mb/s and indeed I was according to the Livebox but in fact that was only achievable on 29th February between the hours of 0200 and 0201 and only if 29th February was a Sunday. I joke but their 18 mb/s was never more than 2 mb/s and upload pityfully slow.

My partner in Paris has Orange fibre with similar speeds but only when he uses ethernet, wifi is considerably slower.

The original offer came in an email and said up to 1gb. If they had added that speed would depend on the wifi, the device and a following wind I would have accepted that. I am grateful for the advice on here about using the Livebox app, that makes much more sense of it all, than just using Speedtest. :blush:

Hi Emily,

If your granddaughter has one of the newer M1 or M2 Airs, she’ll need an Ethernet adapter. There’s no Ethernet port built in. Same on my Pro. Really annoying.