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Australia still on top of their group (alphabetically) for now

Ok, call me perverse if you wish but the injury 'scare' to Danny Welbeck may just have been a blessing in disguise. Welbeck is a decent player and Hodgsons' loyalty toward him is admirable but maybe we need other options against the might of Italy ie. speed of attack to name but one. Name any defender who enjoys facing real pace. Welbeck is a hard worker and would for me, be the ideal man to hold up the ball against a side like Costa Rica. Italy is a different prospect however. These are quality players looking to exploit the English weaknesses of which there are a few so it's up to England to take the initiative.Welbeck is probably a first choice player so only injury will prevent him playing against the Italians.

We need pace to take the game to Italy, not hold back and wait for Pirlo & co. to create the inevitable opening. Sterling is young,fearless, enthousiastic and in super form following an exceptional season with Liverpool so he has to play instead of Welbeck.

The talk is of keeping the Italians quiet, well how about if we use some reverse pyschology for a change and take the attitude of the Italians having to keep us quiet. The best form of defence is attack surely ?