Fifteen year rule

there is an anomaly in the legislation that anyone who has lived outside of the UK for more than fifteen years is not entitled to vote. However you can stand for Parliament so you could be an MP but not allowed to vote. To highlight this point, retired civil servant from Carcassonne is standing as an MP in the British elections

James Franklyn Jackson, 71, a former treasurer of Colwyn Bay Council and of the Falkland Islands government, has paid up his deposit and found his required 10 ‘subscribers’ from his chosen constituency – Uxbridge and South Ruislip, where London mayor Boris Johnson is also standing as an MP.

Correct, I pay UK tax on UK investments and French tax on a french salary & French investments. I do get a salary from a UK source tho' it's below the UK threshold (I aassume ?). This, and the UK investments are declared annually in France.

You misunderstand double taxation…like me I guess you pay French tax on French salary, investments etc and UK tax on UK earnings…you don’t pay tax on UK earnings in UK and again in France…

I too pay tax in the UK and I also pay tax in France - so much for the Double Taxation deal or doesn't that apply ?

I really don't have time for 'principles', life is too short, get on with life and only worry about the important things...

The British, all principles & petitions !

There is indeed a principle at stake…I pay tax in the UK but can’t vote. What happened to no taxation without representation?

Become naturalised french then you will be allowed to vote. It's not difficult nowadays it just takes longer that's all.

As for Mr Jackson, why doesn't he save his money ? I suppose it's that good old British 'principle' thing ? As the late great Tommy Cooper said " It's not the principle of the thing that counts but the money ...."

Good for him I am irritated beyond belief that I can't vote in the Uk and can only half vote in France . I wouldn't mind giving up the Uk vote if I could vote properly here in France, but I am stymied at the half way point.

Fair play to him. He will have the pleasure of standing next to my hero, Mr. johnson, when the results are called.