Filling your luggage with wine

Mum and I are popping over to have a look at the house next month. Root out the obligatory Fuins, (is that how you spell it? Martens of some sort. Or megaweasels as my DH would have it.) re-bait the mouse traps, see if the woodpecker has left any of the shutters still standing, make sure nothing has been washed away, struck by lightning etc etc. But we’re only over for 3 days and mum (bless her) is billing this as a Wine Retrieval trip. lol. Her cunning plan is to take a large fold-up bag in her hand luggage and then present it to BA checkin at Bordeaux, filled with BIBs.

Is this feasible? I’ve done the maths and if the bag is of the prescribed dimensions it will come in under her luggage allowance. And afaik it’s below the level which makes HM Customs and excise take an interest in you. But will BA accept a suitcase that sloshes?

Sian, we always used to fill our (hand) bags with wine… But no more… You can only take bottles of max 100ml of un-opened liquids in your hand luggage - that’s about the size of a miniature…
You can take it in your checked luggage - but in theory it’s restricted in quantity, and subject to them thinking it’s not excessive. So - you choose your wine and you takes your chance

If your BIB is is checked bagage it’s not a problem, my mum manages to squeeze one in her suitcase every time, it takes up the space that was full of Beans, chocolate etc. You wont be able to take it as hand bagage though!

I too have no knowledge of airlines and their reactions to sloshing luggage. Apparently it’s vibrating luggage that get’s their attention so you should be ok.
However once Fiona is finished using your Mum’s skill’s as a rodent psychologist could she come here and help me deplace Monsieur le rat who has taken up residence ?

My mother’s approach to fouines is to convince them that there is a bigger, badder predator in residence. She achieves this by stalking about the house, growling loudly and clawing at the walls. She is 75. It’s a picture.

The fouine moves out post-haste. I’m not sure whether this is genuinely because it fears there is a large predator on its territory, or just because it is embarrassed to be sharing a house with an elderly mad woman. Either way, it seems to work.