Finally, Carte Vitale!

Hi all

After 7 years and enough paper work to ensure a barren patch in some rain forrest, i have finally be told i can have the elusive little green card!

Just before chrismas after another heated debate with a line of people on the phone i finally got through to one lady who actually had something useful to say… Sort of.

Words to the effect of…

"Cancel your uk NI, then when you get the paper saying that accounts closed and your not covered, our end will be obliged to cover you as soon as possible"

A little risky i thought but sfter sll the faf i said what the hell. The last firm had gone off today with my cheeky little passport photo (a very stickt form indeed!)

Lets hope there are no more hiccups, and i dont break anything the the mean time.

Any how as a handy guide for any one eklse out there, i ask you…