Finally got my dental visit

2 months after pinning down the ‘missing’ dentist in his surgery I got my visit yesterday. I first went to this man a few years ago to see if he could bridge the gap between 2 front teeth. He then said not possible because one of the teeth had serious infection in its roots and suggested a lower plate instead, which I declined.

A couple of months ago I had serious swelling in the upper gums away, I thought, from any teeth. This was cured by determined use of a disinfectant mouthwash, but I still had the appointment so went yesterday. He asked me what was wrong and I said nothing and explained that at the time I made the appointment I had a swollen gum since cured. He checked inside my mouth, including the area of the lower tooth that he had declared infected years ago. He then inspected and x-rayed the upper gum after asking me where the last trouble was. Very bad he said, there is a tooth there but only at the surface of the gum and it will have to come out.

So out it came, no problem and off I went, but I was wondering how the seriously infected lower tooth of years ago was now of no consequence. :astonished:

I don’t think they kept a record of my previous visit and he didn’t seem to recognise me, but it does make you wonder exactly how they arrive at their conclusions. :thinking:

My DIL got me in with their dentist before I had arrived officially down here last year as they were not taking on any more patients at the moment. The dentist I had up north put me off going, never let the anaesthesie time to work and just generally did not seem to like my family. Anyhow my first visit down here, lovely man and he discovered what the other dentist had not was that my entire top row of teeth had no roots much to speak of and this could have been the result of a childhood accident whereby I fell off a bike and hit my teeth hard on the ground resulting in damage to their growth and finally making them begin to wobble. The problem with loosening teeth is that you can contract problems that can lead to heart and other organ problems via bacteria so he pulled nine out that were left and I now have a new top set that needs no glue nor chemical cleaning and stays in 24/7 via vacumn, I am very happy and over the past year have had several visits to sort me out and now have a permanent crown over the bottom ones that just need brushing with a bit of paste carefully but I can eat lettuce and other leaves again safely, plus the six injections he gave me at once never even made me wince it was that painless and worked immediately, not on the way home as the previous dentist. I now aim to keep six monthly appointments with this very good dentist so I don’t lose my place and I have a smile worthy of any hollywood star, gleaming white and even and no one would ever know! Technology has moved on too, he had a 3D portable camera to make the crown for the bottom which was drawn over them beforehand so he could see all sides. My sister in the UK has not been for a couple of years and found she can no longer get an appointment anywhere near home. Moral of my story is if you find a good dentist, stick to them like glue and keep regular appointments as there is a lack of them here too!

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Except the entire readership of SF and what a set of gossipers we are, the truth is out😁

I feel a whole new ‘speculation’ thread coming on. :rofl:

Problem: ours has just retired and there isn’t (yet) anyone taking over his practice (although its been advertised).

We too have a wonderful dentist, he also uses the 3d camera and is going to use 3D technology to make crowns and implants.
He is in his forties, so no way near retirement.
He is Spanish and speaks wonderful English.
Having said all this he was reduced to taking his daughter back to Spain because he was dissatisfied with the treatment she was getting from her paediatrician in France.

I don’t care, they were never very attractive teeth anyway and when I was young, the orthodontist was not free so never got the chance for any upgrade there although my youngest sibling did and had to endure three years of horrible wires and pain but a good result. I’m more interested in being able to eat things I worried about before than having falsies now at my age as not likely to go man chasing again LOL :plate_with_cutlery: :leafy_green: :cut_of_meat:


My experience is very much like yours, Shiba. Disastrous dentistry in childhood that was never really dealt with in adulthood. That is, until we moved to France, and widely asked the neighbours to recommend a local dentist. Over the years he has become more high-tech and always highly competent. Last year he finally fixed my problems once and for all (fingers crossed). It’s so nice to be able to eat properly again !

Mine is , too. His surgery is in Valencia, tho’.

I returned there in Dec to have two part-completed implants finished. The first implant had been done a couple of years ago and fell in half last summer. He said he’d made a judgement on how much material to have built on one side, next to the adjacent tooth. It wasn’t enough, the implant failed and he renewed it f.o.c.

The time taken to produce the first implant was two weeks. Now, the lab has 3D printing and it took 2 days. A semi-crown took 10 mins on his desktop 3D printer!

As long as I had time to organise the RdV just right, I could drive to Nantes, fly to VLC and return the same day. Otherwise, the marvellous prospect of a short stay in my favourite city inthe world.

Valencia, like Krakow, seems to major on dentists :thinking:

but there are still dozens of great bars


A good story!
We have had good experiences in Spain too. On holiday my OH pulled an intercostal muscle trying to open the stiff and heavy front door of our gîte. He was in pain and we packed our bags to rush back to France. Then thought twice and went to the local health centre. He was rapidly seen, diagnosed and treated with strong painkillers. From memory I think it cost about 3 euros altogether with post consultation cafés con leche included!


We thought we had a great dentist - until yesterday! He did a brilliant root canal for me, and does try to fit us in as soon as he can when serious pain.

However, he managed to drill through OH’s tongue yesterday! Which he said he had firmly kept to other side of mouth but dentist’s drill slipped :scream:. Accidents happen but his reaction was just wrong. Was a bit like a butcher’s shop apparently, and he has butchered the tongue sewing it up. I looked this morning and it’s all sewn misshapen, with very thick thread that’s going to take ages to absorb. Never apologised, just hustled him out of the surgery as had made him run late. He’s supposed to go back to finish the crown, but now really hesitant. But no other dentists for a long way….

Ah! A slightly sore point with me and the FR setup. I have only myself to blame for not doing the research that would have revealed that the FR NHS is contributory, by no means free [with exceptions] and in some cases, pricey. I have my eventual/inevitable need for a new knee in mind and the head-scratching over an affordable mute.

I thought, if I thought at all, that the S1 system would provide in FR what it did in ES - free at the point of service and prescriptions costing pennies because costs are refunded by the UK NHS.

I didn’t have treatment any more serious than maintaining my b.p. and statin medication but I recall the tale of a journalist of The Independent, whose small son fell off their villa’s balcony onto rocks.

He was very impressed with the speed of the call-out and even more so that the para-medics on the ambulance were accompanied by a full-blown paediatrician.

On el otro mano, while I lived there the financial crisis included grumblings from the pharmaceutical companies that the gov had not paid them for several years.

Jeepers! How awful! I’d be off elsewhere like a shot, briefing a beak as I went.


Ryanair flies to VLC from Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Nimes - prices from €9.95 ! Clinica Cots, Carrer de Carles Cervera, 12, 46006 València, Valencia, Spain.

Stay over "Was fab. Amazing city, loved it" “Fabulous…I love Valencia….you need to move back so we can come and stay

That last comment from the Director of the QANGO responsible for ‘selling London’ as a business and commercial destination.

That set my teeth on edge. I always worried about keeping my tongue out of the way but its really hard and worse if you try to think about doing it on the spot. My dentist’s nurse actually kept mine back with some tool while he was working on me the other week, unfortunately I rewarded her by missing the spit basin and wetting her feet my mouth was so numb. The moulding stuff they use now is exactly the same as playdough and deep purple too in my case but it was a bugger to pull off the teeth.

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I’m sure she has experienced worse…

My mother loved her career as a nurse, mostly in A & E and the surgery theatre but she had a couple of years as a dental nurse.

From that point on I was belaboured with exhortations to become a dentist. To this day, 60 years on, I cannot imaging spending all day peering into, and using sharp tools, in people’s mouths.

The people who do, like most medical professionals, are heroes.


My gum, around the extraction site, is a little swollen this morning but, given the success in reducing such a thing while ago I have started again with the mouthwash. Can’t see why the result will be anything different this time. :smiley:

David, I got a tube of PANSORAL gel on prescription but you can get it without I am pretty sure. Its like Bonjela we had in the UK over many years and soothes the gums. I use it ocassionally if something has got under the vacumn plate and has rubbed my gums and it heals very quickly.

I’ll bear it in mind thanks @Shiba but the mouthwash worked wonders last time and I’ll keep at it for the moment. It isn’t painful though, just early signs of slight swelling.

That is awful.
It reminds me of when I was a child the dentist’s drill went onto my gum and I bit him.
I was asked to apologise and refused. I was sent to my bedroom and still refused to apologise. I sneaked down into the kitchen at night for something to eat.
I later found out that he was very ill with cancer and shouldn’t really have been practicing.
Totally different attitude nowadays.

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