Financial help?

Does anyone know if we can get financial help due to my husbands very small amount of earnings, he does have an invalidity pension from the IOM government the total for both earnings and pension was approx. 11.500 euros last year, we do still have some savings left from when we moved here 5 years ago but this will not last for another 4 years until we receive our retirement pension. I believe but I may be wrong that in the UK you can have a certain amount of savings and still get help, is this the case in France?

Writing this under my husbands name as I cannot remember my password ooops.

Thanks for any info anyone can give me.



Don't be embarrassed to ask for help. I felt really embarrassed the first time that I signed on for unemployment here, having always worked in the UK, sometimes 2 jobs at a time to make ends meet, but the system is there when you have a problem so if you are entitled to help then don't hesitate to take it. I am assuming that you are someone who has already worked a good many years so let yourselves take something back, especially if it can make life easier for you both.

Thanks Margo I thought that might be the case, but had hoped someone would be able to tell me if you were unable to claim help if you had savings. I dont want to make a fool of ourselves. We have never claimed anything in our lives and this is very embarrasing for us.

Thanks Catherine will try that.


Hi Maggie

Can't help you with the main question (although I'm sure others can) but you can ask for your password to be reset - hope that helps!