Finding tradesmen

(James Higginson) #1

We all know the best way to find a reliable tradesman, is to ask for a recommendation from friends or neighbours. But what if you have asked around and still can’t find anyone? Batirenover have launched a useful new site which allows homeowners to contact local registered artisans, who have all signed up to their code of conduct. The code covers matters such as keeping the site tidy, disposing of materials and providing clear, understandable estimates as well as offering high quality, professional, insured work. The service is free to use for private individuals and promises a fast response. You simply post details of the job to be carried out on the site. An advisor will contact you within 48 hours; they then select three local artisans who are both available for work and suitable for your project. You should then receive three estimates (devis) within the next five days.