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I'm a journalist with Living France magazine in the UK. I'm in the process of writing a feature on finding a job in France and was looking for some personal experiences to include in the article. Any input would be greatly apprecited.

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Hi Anna,
I’ve lived in France for 11 years and have worked in both France and the UK during this time. I now have my own online business set up under the Auto Entrepreneur Scheme as a Business Support Specialist/Virtual Assistant. Working ‘virtually’ or remotely is a fairly new concept in Europe, particularly in France where they still stick to the conventional office system so it’s been an interesting and challenging venture. Sorry for the late reply but if this is useful, please feel free to contact me direct ( Many thanks. Jane

Might be a bit late now. But I have been working in France for the last 2 years. Under a status called VDI. There are a number of companies you can work for I chose Phoenix Trading (selling excellent quality greetings cards and stationery) which has been running in France for over 3 years. This is the simplest method for employment I have found having looked for 4 years prior to this. They pay your cotisations for you. There is an accountants firm that deals with any paperwork paid for by Phoenix. A free Siret numer is provided. If you are interested in more details contact me direct. (

Hi Anna, We run our own business selling equestrian property and doing equestrian related translation work, but we have worked via various French estate agencies in the past, and have looked at lots of the alternatives (mandataire indépendant/salarié) etc. Feel free to pick my brains if you think I could be helpful.

It depends on what type of job you are looking for. For example you can find a sales or retail position within a week if you speak English in Paris. However jobs that require some type of degree takes a lot of"selling yourself"presentation is key b/c the French judge so much based on appearance. Also networking helps a lot b/c nationalism is at times a real issue when seeking a professional job. They will hire a slightly underqualified Frenchman than a qualified Englishman. My take on it anyway.

Hi Anna,
I worked for a language school, then set up my own business and 5 years ago passed the French “concours” (CAPES) to enter the Education Nationale as an English teacher where I now work in an engineering school in Toulouse.
If you would like more information please feel free to contact me.

Have gone through the French process with a trip to Angouleme Pole Emploi, then for 3 months ‘formation’ then sending off cv’s etc. There quite a lot to say really about finding a job via the job centre. Email me if you want more info or give me a call 0545894957

Hi Anna
I’m a Physiotherapist, although i’m not working at the moment when I was looking last year for work I had loads of opportunities.

I’ve recently set up my own tutoring business as an auto-entrepreneur if this helps?