Fingerprints v DNA

Having read this article… it’s clear that 5 matches out of 13 possibles - does NOT confirm an identification…

Just as well they got a swift (negative) result from the DNA test… phew. :roll_eyes:

so, the mystery continues…
Time to call in Bruno Cremer du commissaire Maigret…

Only if you have a Ouija board handy (Cremer died in 2010).

Mind you, if there were any reason to improve my French it would be watching him as Maigret.


Must have been all that pipe smoking… :no_smoking:

Apparently he died of laryngeal cancer which is very strongly connected with pipe smoking so, basically, yes.

In the UK 16 identification points are required in a court of law to allow fingerprint evidence to be introduced. That leaves little or no doubt that the marks being checked against those of a suspect are theirs.

My own opinion is that this evil, but very clever killer, is still alive and laughing down his sleeve at the incompetence of the forces of law and order involved in this almighty “cock up”.:confused::confused::confused:

Allegedly, he is part of the French aristocracy so presumably of independent means.
Maybe he’s holed up somewhere with his brother English aristocrat Lord Lucan :thinking:

And Shergar?

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Maybe he sleeps with the fishes…