Firemen under attack

This incident was in UK… but similar things are happening in France too… don’t folk have any respect for these brave firefighters…

Youngest son is a pompier, so far he’s not received any grief when attending an incident although he and his colleagues were attacked by someone wielding a machete a few months ago.

Bravo to your boy… anyone who puts themselves in danger for others… deserves thanks and support…

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Is that a ‘Pompier’ as in a Fireman in France or is he a U.K. Firefighter? I ask as I find the subject most interesting.

He’s a fireman here Ken, youngest daughter is also a volunteer pompier.


Great, you must be very proud. Without the volunteers, who make up the greater number of Firefighters, we would be in a bit of a pickle! I was a professional London Fireman for thirty years, hence my interest. It is the same situation in the U.K. volunteers make up the greater numbers of Firefighters.
On the T.V. the other night there was an article covering volunteers. There is, apparently, a shortage and recruitment is trying to gain more. Once again, you must be proud. May they stay safe.

Living in the country Les Pompiers are our first responders in case of medical emergency.
The young people are keeping the tradition alive, for which we are very thankful.

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They’ve got the same volunteer recruitment issue in France, it’s not unusual for our son to finish a 24 hr shift and then be put ‘on-call’ as they haven’t got the numbers to cover all the appliances etc. What is different though is that the pompiers here are the ‘go to’ responders for medical emergencies so they need more volunteers than they perhaps would in the UK.


Over the years we have called the Pompiers in a medical emergency… excellent response… cannot praise them enough.

When folk try to set themselves and/or the countryside ablaze… watching these brave chaps work is thrilling/frightening … we are always at a safe distance and they are not … :zipper_mouth_face::open_mouth:

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Kind of related MaccyDs have done themselves no favours here

Haven’t heard it called MaccyDs in years. Lovely!! It’s shortened to McDo here in France. :smiley: