Firework ban in the Dordogne - don't see 2015 out with a bang

I'm not sure if this will copy but a directive has been issued, definitely for the Dordogne - I'm not sure about other departments - banning the sale, possession or use of fireworks from 30 December to 2 January. There is also a separate directive concerning sale/use of domestic fuel and petroleum products (see below). Guessing this doesn't apply to petrol stations?

Prohibition of sale, possession and use of fireworks
By decree of 28 December 2015, the sale, possession and use of fireworks, regardless of the category, are prohibited on all of the municipalities of the department of the dordogne from Wednesday, 30 December 2015 at 08 h00 to Saturday 2 January 2016 to 08 pm.

Prohibition of distribution, purchase and sale has away of domestic fuels and petroleum products
The careless use of incendiary products to celebrate the end of the year is likely to affect seriously to persons and property. Also, by decree of 28 December 2015, the distribution, the purchase and sale of up to domestic fuels (including the flammable gas) and petroleum products in all container transportable are prohibited on all of the municipalities of the department Of the dordogne from Wednesday, 30 December 2015 at 08 h00 to Saturday 2 January 2016 to 08 pm.

We live inside a forest area, the really heavily wooded areas have lots of fallen wood they use to keep warm but it is all damp or totally wet so takes a good dose of petrol to get it going. You should see some of these clowns at it, that they don't roast themselves alive beats me. Whilst I was out with them a few weeks back somebody splashed his trousers that then went up in flames so he casually walked over to a bracken patch and threw himself in it then asked a couple of his mates to 'sprinkle' him - if you get what I mean.

Worst than the guns is the vast 4x4s and quad bikes with inebriate, armed drivers. Three or four on a quad bike with loaded popguns usually puts my hair on end. Banning fireworks is kids' play compared to the hazards these goons pose. Hmm, I am out with them on Sunday, now where is that flak jacket?

Oh dear lord, that sounds like a disaster simply waiting in the wings. Is it simply to keep warm? Sounds very odd. No, I do find that peculiar though, that on a clampdown on fireworks, flammable liquids etc it's still perfectly okay to see a man strolling down a country road carrying a loaded gun.

Bangy things! With the amount of hunting I think banging must be one of the favourite things of Périgordins (what is what yer Dordognites calls 'emselves).

Yeah, yeah. Hunters have a nice big fire going in the forest this morning. As I said 'Hello' to them it was hard not to see the 20 litre container of petrol standing less than 40cm from the bonfire. But there again, as Andrew says, it is France so who is going to touch hunters? I think half of them are still half cut from last night, hold a match in front of any mouth and use your local maniac hunter as a living firework!


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Well that's not going to paste then!

No, it's not just the Dordognots, it is nationwide with each département issuing an arrêté préfectoral - we are in France...!

So it is possibly more of a national directive then. I thought it peculiar that I'd only seen it for the Dordogne - unless Dordognians(?) have a penchant for loud bangy things.

it applies here in the Tarn, I've had to remove the bangers from sale until next week -(